Just got back from a bike ride with my husband. It was such a beautiful night. There won’t be many Ducati days left. We have been having such gorgeous weather. Saskatchewan is often frosty or even snowy by this time of the year. I am LOVING this nice weather.

Lyndon came home last night. He intended to take the boys bird hunting today, but it was a little windy and we got busy doing other things. Maybe tomorrow. They have had a few successful hunting days, mainly partridge. Apparently, the Puddle has turned into quite a little hunting dog. Who said Miniature Poodles were fluffy dogs?!

When Lyndon came home yesterday, he brought a DVD/VCR combo player. So the boys are watching some of their old VHS tapes that they haven’t seen for years. Right now they are watching Indiana Jones. A classic.

The other night I went up to bed at about 11:00, and found Tyson and Colton both reading in their beds. Tyson is reading Brisinger, the new Eragon book. Colton is reading a book he ordered from the library. I didn’t have it in me to get after them. After all, I remember doing the same thing when I was younger. And a love of reading is something I have wished for all my kids, so… I just smiled and told them to turn off their lights when they finished their chapters.

Lyndon and I have been researching fifth-wheels. We’d like something that we could spend a month or so in at a time, and that perhaps Lyndon could use when he is working away from home. Any suggestions on kinds of all-weather units that might work for us would be appreciated. We are kind of looking at the Bristol Bay line from SunnyBrook. They only have one model with bunk beds, and I’m not totally crazy about the layout.