This past week I had two significant visits with friends of mine. One friend shared sorrows and struggles she was dealing with. The other shared victories and joys. Both visits brought to mind the awesome blessing of friendship. Sisterhood. Sister Friends. There have been many in my life and I value each of them.

I am gearing up for the week ahead. Monday, the boys and will go to Regina. I have an eye appointment at the hospital. More checking and adjusting of the prisms. I would really like to get “real” glasses, with the prisms ground in. I am hoping to have the go-ahead to order after the Monday appointment. Again, this involves the juggling of schedules and children. I am not sure yet how it will all work out.

Friday, the boys and I will go back to Regina to attend the Lectureship at Western Christian College. We are all (including Lyndon) planning on staying at a hotel for Friday and Saturday nights. I am looking forward to the lessons that will be presented, and the visiting and sharing that I am sure will take place. Lyndon and the boys will likely spend more time at the hotel waterslide than at the Lectureship. That’s okay. It will be a fun weekend for all of us. We have a wedding to attend on Sunday afternoon in Regina, and then we’ll head home. Maybe I’ll do a turkey for Thanksgiving on Monday.

Lyndon has that next week off. He wants to do some hunting, both with the boys and with some friends. We also begin the training for becoming foster parents that week. Tuesday night, Thursday night, and Saturday the training sessions will be in Assiniboia. I am not completely sure how fostering will fit with our lifestyle, but we are going to proceed with the training and see.

Mexico plans are proceeding. We have about thirty people signed up to take the bus down with us. We are still planning on building one school and fixing the roof on another building. As well, a nurse who is going with us is going to do some sessions with the local women on nutrition. Apparently diabetes is rampant there, because of the poor diets of the people. We are also going to make blankets with the children. We will make double fleece blankets that are fringed and tied together. They are warm and durable and there is no sewing required. Should be fun. We are focusing on food and blankets this year. These are the main needs, according to those who have been in Mexico recently.

I can smell the beef stew in my crock pot. The kids can smell it too, and are milling around. Sure sign that it is time to get supper on the table