Yep, crying the blues. Why, you ask? Well… I had a truckload of water sitting in the yard. When I went to dump it in the house this morning, I discovered the fittings were frozen. I checked the temperature and sure enough, minus five. I found an extension cord and got out the hair dryer and tried to thaw it. Finally, after no success, I called Lyndon to find out what I was doing wrong. He advised me to remove the hose and run the heat directly inside the fitting. Voila, success! Of course, I also got soaked as the lever finally gave way and water gushed out of the hole.

The boys and I are going to Regina for the weekend to meet Lyndon there and I am trying to get out the door. I’m looking forward to spending the weekend watersliding with the boys… and, umm, oh yeah… taking in the Lectureship at Western Christian College. Actually, I am really excited about attending the lectures. There are several great speakers to choose from, and lots of interesting classes to attend. My mom and dad will be there, so will get in a little visiting, too.

However, before I can get out the door there are several last minute things to do, such as wash the boys winter parkas (especially Carter’s, as he left his outside and the kittens pooed on it), finish packing, shower and do my hair, pack the car, get gas, drop off some things for a friend, pay the bills… Maybe we’ll get there by supper.

It has been a curious week. We took a day off to clean house and do some other things and it kind of threw us out of whack. The boys never really settled back down into a good work schedule. I felt like I was fighting with them all week, and they were fighting with each other. Here are a few of the week’s highlights:

We finished our study of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. So interesting. We dug out our Drive Through History dvds and visited the Mediterranean area again.

I saw my first rat. Colton brought in a dead rat that the kittens had been eating in the barn. Yuck! It was as big as one of the cats. I have never seen a rat here before.

I started reading The Trumpet of the Swan by EB White to the boys. This book would never get published today. No one would touch a book with anthropomorphized animals. And there are no wizards or magic spells or dragons. Nope, it’d never sell today. I have been reading some Young Adult literature lately, just to get a feel for the market. Of the last three books I’ve read, all of the main characters were dealing with an absent mother and working through their relationships with their fathers. Hmmmm.

I continued my campaign to reduce the stuff in my home. I feel like a snake must feel when it sheds its tight, old skin. Like there is room to wriggle around.

Speaking of snakes, Carter had a bad day yesterday. One example: he and Tyson were arguing about something and Carter grabbed a little dried up garter snake that was sitting on our window ledge (you’d be amazed at what I have on my window ledge) and threw it into Tyson’s bowl of noodles. So, I made Carter give his noodles to Tyson, which meant he didn’t have any lunch. He stomped upstairs and I sat at the table feeling like I often do as a parent… like, basically, I have no clue what I am doing!

Okay, off to finish the laundry and rally the troops. I am counting on some encouragement from the speakers at the Lectureship. One of those “that was meant just for me to hear” moments. Living with expectancy!