I have been suffering from a case of the Blog Blahh’s lately. It has been over a week since I last posted. Thanks to everyone who keeps checking in. It’s not like there hasn’t been lots going on in our lives lately. Actually, it’s the opposite. There’s so much going on that I have been feeling a little overwhelmed, and that makes me tired, and that makes me lazy, and that makes me Blog Shy. This morning, I am letting the boys sleep in a bit, mainly to enjoy some quiet alone time… and here I am, sitting at the computer.

The Rosses have been busy. Lyndon had last week off, which meant he spent a lot of time hunting. His friends Al and John J came for parts of last week, driving here in the terrible weather I described in my last post. Thank goodness for four wheel drive. The guys had a great time, mainly hunting birds, although Al shot a Whitetail that he was very happy with. Good points, or something like that.

We had Thanksgiving dinner on Monday. Lyndon’s mom and dad didn’t attempt the drive, so it was the men and me (sounds familiar). Tom and Marilyn did come over on Wednesday, though, which was very nice. I cooked a ham that day, and Tom helped Lyndon get the water issue sorted out. We are going to put a large tank in the basement, which should hold enough water to get us through from Monday to Friday. This would be wonderful. I do NOT want to be hauling water on my own this winter if at all possible.

Tyson and Carter started Karate classes last week. Tyson had done karate before, then quit for a couple of years. Now he is ready to tackle it again. Carter is a beginner, so he is a Little Cobra. Those little guys are pretty cute.

Also last week, Lyndon and I started the training sessions for Foster Parenting. There is a break this week, and then we finish the classes the following week. A social worker came by yesterday to do a Home Safety Check. She needs to meet with Lyndon, then the boys and I, and then write up a report about us. Then, we should be good to go. Probably should be ready to accept children by the time we get back from Mexico in January. It has been an interesting process. It has been a long time since I have been so closely involved with a government organization. I had forgotten how bureaucratic the whole process is. The social worker has been great though, and I feel positive about the experience so far.

This afternoon I am presenting a Story Time at our Public Library. Should be fun. This is Library Week, in case you hadn’t heard! I am using some books about winter, and then Robert Munsch’s book, Smelly Socks. He is so funny. We have a cd of him reading some of his stories. My kids love it.

Saturday, our church has organized a Parenting Workshop. Kevin Vance is coming from Regina to present. Then, Saturday evening is our Mexico fundraiser… The Glentworth Idol. I am responsible for the kitchen. We are selling cake and ice cream, juice, coffee, and pop. The talent part of the evening is first, followed by a family dance. Sounds like there have been several people who have registered as contestants. Oh yeah, I have to make ten cakes to take that evening. Yoikes!

Oh… and that water thing I was talking about earlier… I think that is all happening this weekend as well. I heard a rumour that it involved cutting a big hole in my kitchen wall. Yeah.

A sense of humour is a very good thing!