We are not usually an overly busy family. Life typically putts along, work and play, and more work and play. Lately, though, other stuff has crowded in and we have had a taste of the Busy Life. An interesting combination of events, responsibilities, and challenges has resulted in… The Perfect Storm. Yes, I feel a little like I am drowning.


We are finishing the training required for becoming Foster Parents this week. A session tonight in Assiniboia, a session Thursday night in Assiniboia, and an all-day session here in Gravelbourg on Saturday. Then, a couple of interviews, a report, and we should be ready to accept kids by the time we get home from Mexico in January. I have been so busy with the doing of it, that I haven’t really processed how I feel about it yet. I feel generally positive, but haven’t internalized much of the training.

Contrary to previous posting, there is no large water tank residing in my basement as of yet. The company would not sell said tank to my father-in-law, so he is trying to find another company that will deal with him. So far, the weather has been cooperating quite nicely. It is supposed to be a lovely week, perfect for hauling water.

This past weekend was jam packed. There was a parenting workshop at the church. I attended the sessions while Lyndon, well, parented. He and the boys scouted around for whitetail. He’s on the lookout for that trophy. The parenting workshop had lots of good information. I enjoyed the opportunity to refocus and rethink my parenting.

Saturday night we all zoomed down to Glentworth for the Glentworth Idol fundraiser. This event was organized as a fundraiser for the Mexico trip. We raised around a thousand dollars which will go toward food and blankets for the community of Manaedero. It was so much fun. All of the contestants were great, from the little guys to the twenty-somethings. A lot of talent down there. And then, an awesome performance by the local band High Voltage. The kids had a blast bopping around the dance floor. Even we oldies enjoyed shaking a leg or two. So fun.

Tyson and Carter are enjoying being in Karate. Tyson is surprised at how quickly it is all coming back to him. Carter has a bit more of a learning curve, but he is enjoying being with the other kids.

Yesterday, the boys and I ran to Assiniboia for dentist appointments. Did a little shopping at the Thrift Store, and had lunch at the Chat ‘n Chew, our favourite restaurant.

And on we go. Today, we will do school and play outside. The boys are planning Hallowe’en costumes and making plans for meeting up with friends on Friday night. Colton and Carter won something from the Summer Reading Program at the library, so we need to stop there for a picture at 3:30. I have my training session in Assiniboia tonight, so a friend is going to come and hang out with the boys. (Its not called babysitting when you have a thirteen-year-old.) I don’t mind leaving Tyson in charge some of the time, but I’ll be gone until around 11:00 tonight, and I’ll be out of town, so… I’ll feel better knowing someone is here.

Oh yeah, I heard there is a global financial crisis in the making as well. Should be an interesting year!