Sacrifice. Hmmm. Not something I hear a lot of these days. With elections just past (Canada) and future (USA) making the news, most of what I hear is about how politicians plan to improve lives: less taxes, more benefits, yada yada yada. And in the churches? I hear talk of service, but framed in the “finding your passion” or “realizing your spiritual gifts” kind of language that makes it sound… fun. Sacrifice, real sacrifice, is not something I hear talked about much in church, unless we are remembering, you know, HIM. The one who sacrificed it all… for me. It’s something I have been thinking about lately.

Does God still call us to live sacrificial lives? And if He does, what does that look like? I’m curious, although I almost want to keep my fingers crossed behind my back as I bring it up because, you know, if I start opening myself up to the possibility that He wants me to live a life of sacrifice then what will He ask of me? Or, what might He take away? Or what might I have to give up or lose? Is sacrifice something I should practice in my Faith? Not in an Opus Dei kind of way, but the way I practice, say, fellowship or prayer.

I have been mulling over this idea of sacrificial living for a while. Curiously, I heard an economist discuss this very thing on the radio yesterday. He has written a book. (I really should remember people’s names if I am going to reference them.) I don’t remember who this guy is, but he was addressing a crowd in Saskatoon recently. One of his comments made me sit up. He was referring to the Recent Economic Crisis, and he said that the problem is that we (western society) do not understand the concept of sacrifice. Could we be… spoiled? Are we being taught a lesson? Will we learn anything?