Tomorrow, for the first time, Lyndon is taking Tyson on a hunting trip. I mean, they have hunted together before. Birds, gophers, coyotes, and other things close to home. But this is a BIG trip. They are heading up north to look for Whitetail, and will try to do some trapping as well. This is the first time Tyson will carry a gun. A very big deal.

In honour of the big event, we had a First Hunting Trip party tonight. The party involved special food (supplied by Mom), songs (supplied tongue-in-cheek by the brothers), and gifts (supplied by Dad). Lyndon made Tyson a set of rattlers from the antlers of a Whitetail deer that Lyndon shot a few years ago, On the antlers he carved special messages for Tyson. (Rattlers, by the way, are antlers that are banged together in the bush. This is supposed to sound like rutting deer, and will hopefully attract other deer.) Anyway, it was a fun and meaningful evening. I hope they have a great father/son trip.

He’s growing up, whether I like it or not.