I told a friend the other day that I felt like I was “nesting”. You know, that thing you do, organizing and cleaning your house, before a new baby arrives. There was a second or two of silence, and then I added, “You know, because we are going to be getting some foster children.” Apparently she thought I might actually be expecting a baby, of all things, and she wasn’t sure how she should respond.

Segue into the funny ways the kids interpret our actions:

– When I pull out the vacuum cleaner, they want to know who is coming over to visit.

– When I make dessert for supper, they want to know who is coming over to visit.

– When I ask them to clean up the yard (ie. remove the deer antlers from the front step and throw away the deer bones the dog has been chewing on), they want to know who is coming over to visit.

My friend’s comment was the funniest though. She said that when she tells her kids to get their pants on, they want to know where they are going. Like, you can’t just wear pants for the sake of simply being clothed? There has to be a reason? Too funny.

Really, though, there has been a lot of nesting going on here of late. We decided to move Tyson into the room on the main floor and to put bunk beds in his old room upstairs. We bought bunk beds on Friday when we went to Regina. I found them on usedregina.com. I am so glad my sister-in-law turned me on to that site. The bunk beds are in great shape and we also got a mattress, for $120. I love it! Lyndon left me at the mall, shopping for stocking stuffers for my kids and getting my hair cut, while he and Carter went and picked up the bunk beds. Minor problem, though. Apparently he asked Carter to hang on to the bag with the hardware for putting the beds together. After they loaded everything and left, he asked Carter where the bag of bolts was. Oops. Carter had set the bag on the truck tire and forgotten about it. Lyndon phoned the bunk bed lady and asked her to check her driveway. Sure enough, the bag was there. Lyndon will pick it up this week when he goes to Regina for work.

Sooo, we brought the bunk beds home but haven’t been able to put them together yet. We did do a lot of other stuff, though. Tyson disassembled his old bed and hauled it down to the basement. I have spent much of my time going through Tyson’s “new” room. Amazing, the things that were in that closet. We also cleaned up some of the junk that seems to accumulate in the yard, and hauled it away to the recycling place.

We had friends over after church on Sunday. Altogether there were ten kids running around, having a great time. Sundays are Colton’s favourite day of the week. It is Friend Day. He gets to see friends at church, and we often have friends over on Sunday afternoon.

The boys have told many people the story of How We Changed The Flat Tire this week. They wanted me to clarify a few things in regard to my previous post on this topic. Yes, we blew a tire and we had to change it. What I neglected to report, however, was the fact that I badly needed a bathroom at the time. Trust me there was nary a public restroom, nor even a tree, in site. Positioning the boys strategically as lookouts, and instructing them to yell if any vehicle should approach, I used the ditch as quickly and discreetly as possible. The boys thought it was a hilarious situation for Mom to be in. Of course, being boys, they have no idea. I coped (admirally, I thought) with the situation, got the tire changed, and stood up to receive Colton’s heartwarming comment… “I knew you could do it, Mom. I was praying for you.”

Thanks, buddy.