Yesterday, Lyndon and I took the boys to Regina to take in some of the annual Agribition. It has been almost ten years since we were there last. We walked for miles through the maze of barns and display rooms. We talked to vendors about wind vs. geothermal power. We watched a simulation of a vehicle roll-over where the passengers were not wearing seatbelts. We watched a woman spin alpaca wool, and petted a miniature donkey. And we saw cows. Lots and lots of cows. Black angus, red angus, charolais… you name it, we saw it. And we stepped in it. And smelled it. Yep, a barn is a barn.

The boys especially enjoyed the kid’s area, where they fed chickens, watched chicks hatching, and petted piglets. We had to drag them out of there.

Carter was also intrigued by the huge bulls. He exclaimed, loudly, at the HUGE (ahem) anatomy of one Champion fellow in particular. As in, “Look at the privates on that guy!” It was a rather “impressive” sight.

Today, Lyndon, Tyson, and a friend are out hunting. The little boys and I are indulging ourselves in books, dominoes, and puzzles. Perhaps a little laundry and baking later in the afternoon. Ahhh.