Cold. Very, very cold here. And it is supposed to stay for a while. When it gets this cold our old house begins to talk to us. She groans and creaks like an old lady. Poor old girl. Thankfully there is no wind so inside it is not too bad. Lyndon crawled out of bed at 4:00 this morning to head back to work and I couldn’t seem to get warm again after he left. He plugged in the car (which is fixed!) when he left so I can take the kids to karate this afternoon. We need some groceries, too.

Yesterday afternoon we attended the 80th birthday party of our friend, Roy Bailey. Roy and Helen are another of those amazing couples that have journeyed successfully and lovingly through life together. Inspiring.

Lyndon measured his hand against Tyson’s this weekend. Guess who’s was bigger? Yep, the thirteen-year-old is growing up. He is continuing to enjoy playing the violin. He got to perform a bit for Grandpa Tom and Grandma Marilyn yesterday.

I just finished reading two books. The first, The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, was lent to me by a Social Worker friend. I wept my way through this dying man’s beautiful account of what makes life worthwhile.

The second, So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore by Wayne Jacobsen and Dave Coleman, resonated in my very being as I read it. Without church-bashing, Jacobsen has presented a¬†challenging story of what he believes life could be like when lived free of religious obligation.

… the more organization you bring to church life, the less life it will contain.