Christmas is in three days and the day after that we leave for Mexico. I think I need a plan. I plan on making one. Today. Sometime.

The Christmas season is such a wonderful, busy time of year. I love most of it. The last few years we have tried to make the shift away from the commercialism of Christmas and toward the giving/serving/loving stuff that makes Christmas such an awesome holiday. Not to mention the food.

Last week the boys and I took a day and drove to Moose Jaw with a friend to do some last minute Christmas stuff. It was fun to visit in the car with my good friend. I even enjoyed zooming around the stores with the boys. The best was when I gave each of them ten dollars and set them loose in the Dollar Store where they purchased gifts for each other and their dad. They had such fun picking out gifts and then wrapping them when we got home. We did a quick tour through Walmart where I found some Christmas candy for their stockings. I also bought the first season DVD set of the show Happy Days. So funny, still. We have enjoyed watching Richie and the gang the last few evenings. The Fonz is still cool.

Saturday night our church got together for a turkey supper and some games. We played a Christmas version of Jeopardy that was hilarious. Tyson played three songs on his violin as part of the entertainment. And then on Sunday the children performed their Christmas play for the congregation. They all did a great job. Sunday afternoon we filled goodie trays to deliver to the older folks around town and then gathered at the Villa to sing Christmas carols with the residents there. Tyson played again at the Villa, so he has had his share of performing lately.

Today, the peacefulness of the season is seeping into my bones. We all slept in this morning and had a late breakfast. Lyndon is hauling water so that I can get the laundry done. I brought up the Mexico luggage from the basement and am preparing to begin organizing clothes for the trip. I need to make a trip to town at some point to get a few groceries. I should do a bit more baking since we’ve already eaten the stuff I baked last week. The house needs a little attention, as do the children.

So I guess that is my plan. I’ll post this, light my cranberry scented candle, and… Christmas.