The plan was to leave Glentworth at 8:00 Friday morning (Boxing Day). Lyndon’s mom and dad and my sister Kathy and her son Trey spent Christmas night with us. We had turkey dinner and then finished packing, made turkey buns for the next day, organized luggage, finished last minute laundry, and put together one of the fleece blankets as a sample for the blanket project in Mexico. It was a late night and an early morning the next day.

We arrived in Glentworth on time, loaded our stuff on the bus, left the truck at someone’s house so it could be plugged in before we got home again, and found our bus seats. Afer a little shuffling, our family and Kathy and Trey ended up at the back of the bus. Nice in some ways as there was a little more leg room, but challenging (we soon discovered) as we shared the back of the bus with the bathroom which became increasingly stinky as the trip progressed.

Anyway, after that flurry of activity we were off. Leaving behind -30 weather with wind chills that dropped the temperature down into the -40s. We had a fairly uneventful trip. Everyone was in high spirits (except for the one guy for whom we had to keep stopping so that he could puke on the side of the road). The roads were pretty good. A little slippery in some places as they had been having lots of snow in Montanna and Utah. Bernie the Bus Driver was amazing. He stayed upbeat and positive throughout the entire trip and helped us out with the project in Mexico. Clint was the other bus driver. They had a bunk behind the driver’s seat that they would take turns using to sleep while the other one was driving.

We drove and drove, all of Boxing Day, that night, and the following day. We stopped at several Flying J truck stops (Bernie’s preferred fuel and food stop), and we stopped in Las Vegas for a few hours to get out and walk around while Bernie took the bus to get washed, fueled, and “emptied”. Las Vegas is quite the place. It looks a little “off” during the day, like a woman who slept with her makeup on. Trump Tower surprised me. It is just a big, shiny rectangle stuck off a little on it’s own, with no landscaping or anything around the outside of it. Must be nice on the inside. It was interesting to see the huge billboards advertising the upcoming shows: Donny and Marie, Cher, Jerry Seinfeld, among others. We saw the hotels that were in the Oceans movies. Kind of cool, in a weird, unreal kind of way.

Because of the trouble recently in Tijuana, we had decided that we would stay in San Diego Saturday night and cross the border early Sunday morning. That meant we weren’t pushing to get there and so we stopped for supper and let everyone spend a few hours at an outlet mall in some town a few hours from San Diego. We arrived at Canyon View Church of Christ early Saturday evening, said hello to the B.C. people who were already there, found places for everyone to sleep, enjoyed the showers there, and went to bed.

In the morning we had breakfast at the church, loaded the rental vans, and headed for the border. We were hoping to get to Manaedero in time for church, but the border crossing did not go as we wished. A border official pulled us over (we were travelling with a truck loaded with our luggage and the supplies we were taking with us, and three vans), and required us all to purchase visas for $22.00/person. The visas were not necessary but we had no choice. So, after shuffling back and forth from one office to another, filling out paperwork, and paying our money, we were back on the road. Unfortunately, the delay caused us to miss church. We arrived at the campground at noon, greeted everyone who was already there, said hello to the owner, Adolpho, and then sat down in the sunshine to enjoy a wonderful Mexican meal that Adolpho had prepared for us.

And then… Mexico!