Mexico… I wish I was there. We have had snow and wind for a few days now. The boys and I are snowed in. It is blizzarding as I write. The howling wind sounds kind of like the ocean. Kind of. I know, I’m pathetic.

Lyndon took the Dodge to work in Regina on Monday morning. I was supposed to go to Regina tomorrow for an eye appointment but I just called and changed it. We tried to go to town yesterday afternoon for karate class but we got stuck in the yard. Tyson, Colton, and I shovelled for an hour or so and managed to get the car back to the house where it could be plugged in. We won’t be going anywhere until we get plowed out.

I intended to put up some photos of the Mexico trip on this post but it was taking so long I gave up. You’ll just have to imagine it!

I’ve been asked several times how this trip compared to last year’s trip. It was different in many ways. Last year we were just a couple of families and our focus was on building the school. We were all together all of the time. And everything about Mexico was new and, sort of, in your face. The garbage, the poverty, the dogs, the language, the bad roads.

This year I felt much more comfortable. Those “in-your-face” things seemed to melt into the background. They were still there and I was aware of them, but they weren’t keeping my focus. I was much more aware of the people and how they live.

The group was different, too. There were more people and a large number of them were teenagers. So, different atmosphere, different schedule, different jobs. People were going in different directions and doing different things. We all kept busy and we got more accomplished, but we did not all work together all the time.

Both trips were great. This time, I was mainly responsible for the blanket project. It was crazy busy and we could have made many, many more blankets with the kids that showed up. We ended up putting the kids into family groups and having the siblings make one blanket together. Still, we didn’t have enough fabric. We had brought some fleece blankets along that we had purchased at Peavy Mart and we started giving those to the kids after we ran out of the material to make blankets. Then, I realized that those kids were laying their blankets out on the ground like the other kids were. So, we gave them a second fleece and they went ahead and made tied blankets like the other kids. It was great to see how happy the kids were with their blankets.

I was also involved in the food distribution project. We bought bulk items and then spent an afternoon repackaging it into family “sets”. I shoveled tons of rice into ziploc bags. Carter “helped” with this project. We delivered the food sets in various ways. The most challenging was when we handed the food out on the street in Zorrillo. As soon as the truck drove in the people started coming. We didn’t have nearly enough for the people that showed up. It was pretty hard on the group to have to turn people away.

That whole “it’s never enough” thing is something I’ve attempted to come to terms with as we’ve tried to help out in different ways. I guess I approach it with the philosophy I adopted after studying the book of James last year. That is, do the next good thing that is before me. I can’t feed all the hungry people in Mexico. And the ones I did give food to are going to be hungry again. Is it pointless? Jesus didn’t think so.

And I don’t need to go to Mexico to find the next good thing. When one is finished, another appears. Even here at home. Even in my home!

But it sure feels good to give a hungry family some food, even if it will only last them a week.