I was supposed to be heading to Saskatoon today for the annual Saskatchewan Home Based Educators conference. But, the arrangements I had for childcare and for Tyson’s karate tournament have fallen through. So, unfortunately, I am going to have to miss the conference. As a result, I am expecting some wonderful blessings from this weekend that I would have missed had I been away! Bring it on, God!

Here’s the plan. Today, the boys and I are going to load up and head to Regina. I have booked us into the Days Inn for tonight. Tomorrow, we’ll all go to Balgonie for Tyson’s karate tournament. (He is so pumped about it. It is his first tournament since he started back into karate.) Hopefully, the tournament will not last too late and we’ll be able to get home before dark. I’m hoping to get away by noon today so that we can do a little shopping and enjoy the waterslide at the hotel. Take full advantage, you know. Should be great fun.

The Days Inn is my new favourite place to stay. The rooms are comfortable, there is is a waterslide (at least at the three Inns that I have stayed at), and there is a complimentary breakfast. The free breakfast is a huge savings for us. The last time our family had breakfast at Smitty’s, it cost us fifty dollars.

Funny hotel story. The last time we stayed in a hotel, the admitting clerk mistakenly gave us a key card for an occupied room. We schlepped our luggage up the elevator and down the hall and entered the room to find it in quite a state of disarray. At first I thought housekeeping had just not cleaned the room yet, but we quickly realized that the room belonged to someone else. Luckily, the room occupants were not, ahem, busy when we barged in. So we quickly backed out of the room, dragged everything back down to the lobby, and got a different, empty, room.

Anyway, back to the weekend. I am almost out of water so I really should haul some before we leave. It is freezing outside, though, so that is not an easy or appealing proposition. I think I’ll get everything else ready and then decide. I do want to take the water tank out of the back of the truck before we leave. I feel like enough of a hick when I go to the city without driving around with a big water tank. Plus, it’s hard to park the big Dodge in the city at the best of times, so… the water tank has got to go. But we probably won’t get back till Saturday evening, and we would like to take showers before church on Sunday, so… maybe I should haul water this morning before we leave. (I’m thinking out loud. I think this is called “stream of consciousness” writing. Pretty boring, isn’t it!)

There is one other thing that needs to happen this weekend. Carter has asked for an adventure. In fact, he has not only asked for an adventure, he has prayed for an adventure. So… unexpected blessings for me and an adventure for Carter. That’s what we are after this weekend. I’ll let you know how it turns out.