I feel like I am living in an old movie. You know, where the camera focuses on a calendar and the pages start flying off, faster and faster. And the worst of it is, I’ve brought it on myself. I have no one else to blame.

I made a mistake. I know it now. I should not have signed up for a Spanish class and a Beth Moore Bible study at the same time. Combined with the kids’ karate classes, church stuff, friend stuff, house stuff, and the inevitable random things that come up…honestly, I am really ready to get off this treadmill. Because I am not giving the proper attention to nor getting the most out of any of the things I am scrammbling to do.

One of my pet peeves, however, is people who are constantly whining about how busy they are. So, while I take full responsibility for the chaotic state of my life right now, I am determined to get the most out of each day that I possibly can. I commit to the challenge of focusing on the important things, not just the immediate or urgent things. In other words, the kids need to come first. Don’t misunderstand me. They have been in the Top Ten. I’m not a total failure as a mom! But they and I are all feeling the effects of not enough time, conversation, or fun with each other. I have been saying just a minute, or I’ll be there later, or I’ll be back in a couple of hours way too often lately.

That being said, we did have a wonderful weekend. We left Friday around noon, stopped in Moose Jaw at Walmart for a pee break and a snack, stopped again in Regina at the Southland Mall to do a bit of shopping, and managed to get to the hotel around supper time. We ordered pizza, the kids spent a couple of hours in the pool, followed by snacks and the Discovery channel in the hotel room. Lyndon had told us about a show called Survivor Man, and it happened to be on that night. This guy (alone, no camera crew), gets dropped off in some desolate place and has to survive for a week with, basically, very few supplies. He has to make his own shelter and find his own food, and film himself doing it all. This time, he ended up in Utah somewhere. In six days, he only ate one squirrel, and could only find puddles to drink out of. It was pretty interesting.

That evening, Tyson pulled his gi (karate outfit) out of his bag to hang it up. Mom, it’s blue, he said. What? I said. Sure enough, the normally white suit had a bluish tinge, like those old ladies who get blue rinses put in their hair. It didn’t take long to deduce that there must have been something unexpected in the laundry when I washed the whites. I was horrified, but Tyson took it all in stride. He reassured me that it wasn’t that noticeable. He is the coolest kid!

Saturday morning, after a lovely continental breakfast at the hotel, we headed to Balgonie for the tournament. We arrived around 8:30. The little boys and I found seats and they broke out the gameboys, and then the drawing paper, and then the books. It was quite a wait, but the little boys were very patient and it was interesting to watch the competitors. Finally, Tyson’s group was called. Yep, he was definitely blue. He did well, though, placing third in his forms. He didn’t place in sparring.He was finished by about 1:00, which gave us time for one more quick stop at the mall for lunch and some last errands, and then we headed for home.

We drove into Moose Jaw to find a bathroom. On the way out of town, we were stopped by a train. This has never happened to me in Moose Jaw before. It wouldn’t have been a problem at all, except I was driving the big Dodge, and we were stopped on a hill. And, there was a car six inches ahead of me and a car six inches behind me. And the Dodge is a standard. And it had been a long day and I was tired.

No problem. At first.

I’m sitting there, left foot on the clutch and right foot on the break, thinking this won’t take long. And then, with two cars to go, the train stops. The minutes tick by. And then, every so slowly, the train starts to reverse! Now, I am starting to panic. My clutch foot is cramping and my thigh muscles are starting to burn. I was ready to get Tyson to crawl over the seat to try to reach the emergency break. It can’t be much longer, I thought to myself. So, in desperation, I cranked up the volume on the truck stereo and the Gaithers got me through. Finally, the train tootled by and we were able to go. Whew!

When we got home, we watched a few episodes of the I Love Lucy show that we had bought. Hilarious. I thought about getting water, but we would have had to load the water tank first, and it was cold, and I was tired. So, Sunday morning found me in the basement, scrounging for enough water to have a bath. We have a large garbage can that we use for overflow when we are filling the water tanks. It was three-quarters full, so I found an ice cream pail and spent about a half an hour bucketing water out of the garbage can and into the water tank. (I really needed a bath by the time I was finished!) I had enough water to wash my hair and splash on myself to get clean before going to church. The boys, who had just been in the pool, were inspected and pronounced Clean Enough. I did ask Colton to change his pants before church because the ones he was wearing had paint on them.

“But Mom,” he said. “This is paint from painting the school in Mexico. These pants were doing God’s work. They’re holy pants. I think God would be PROUD if I wore these pants to church!”

It was a good argument. Made me laugh, and I kind of agreed with him. But, I still made him put on clean pants.

The tank has since been loaded on the truck, water has been hauled, the weather has turned warmer…ahhh.

It was a good weekend. I truly enjoy my boys. They bless my life. And my adventure-loving Carter had fun, too. For him, anything is fun if he can do it with his brothers.