Hanging out in Airdrie (Alberta) with the family…and loving it. Planning on hitting the Calgary Zoo today, Elbow Falls tomorrow, and the Science Centre on Wednesday. We’ll probably leave for home on Thursday, and might stop in Drumheller to visit the dinosaur museum on the way.

There are so many awesome things about being at my parents’ house, not least of which is…the food. Yum! Barley salad, turkey, lemon pie, spinach soup. And that was just breakfast!  I’m kidding. I just had lemon pie for breakfast.

Also enjoyable about visiting the grandparents is that they are, well, grandparents. Which means they are interested in doing things with the grandkids. Dad has taken them swimming a couple of times already, and there are more adventures planned. Also, because my sister and her husband and son live in the basement suite, there are extended family members to hang out with, without having to go anywhere. So fun. And convenient!

Also, my mom’s house is really, really clean. Love that.

Finally, they keep asking me what I want to do. “What would you like to do today, Janelle?” That’s not a question I hear very often in my real life. Very heady stuff.

All in all, we are having a fabulous time.