Officially, we have been an approved foster family for a few months. But, as of last week, we are now ACTIVE. Very active, considering there is now a toddler in our midst. Little Man has arrived, and he is such a sweetie. We love him already. Yeah, so much for emotional distance.

Very different feeling, being a foster mom, than anything I have experienced before. It’s not like the Auntie feeling. Definitely not like the Babysitter feeling. I guess it is the Foster Mom feeling.

Different, as well, having a toddler in the house again. Things I had forgotten:

Toddlers have really big, heavy heads which, combined with inexperience and small feet, results in pretty hilarious attempts at walking, running, and jumping. Little Man has already had a few head bonks as he has navigated the unfamiliar terrain of the Ross house.

Toddlers and Cheerios … a winning combination. I had forgotten the feel of Cheerio dust under my feet. This Little Man loves to drop his Cheerios on the floor and then get down on hands and knees and eat them, puppy-style. Kind of cute until he discovered the spilled Cheerios that had been thrown out on the driveway for the birds. Yuck!

Toddlers love to stack and/or move things. Shoes, water bottles, toys, rocks. Anything that can be stacked or repositioned. Over, and over, and over. Where are my shoes? Stacked on top of the gerbil cage. Where is Little Man’s bottle? Inside Lyndon’s boot. Where are the bum wipes? Removed from the container and stored in Little Man’s toy truck.

Speaking of bum wipes, another thing forgotten about toddlers is how stinky those diapers are. I can clear the room just by announcing that it is time for a diaper change.

And the boogers and snot thing. Totally grosses out the boys.

Toddlers like to take walks. At micro speed. Snail pace. It takes an eon to walk from the front door to the car.

This Little Man LOVES to go outside. He will happily climb up and down the steps, swing, pick dandelions, or just walk to the big tree and back, for hours. Really. He would spend every minute outside if he could.

But best of all are the hugs, kisses, snuggles, and general squishiness that Little Man has brought into our home. He has wiggled into my heart already. Although I wish for him a happy, love-filled life, I don’t know what is in store for him down the road. I know I must leave him in God’s caring hands. So please, If you have a minute now and then, could you say a  prayer for him and his uncertain future. I already love him too much to just leave him to chance.

God, please bless our Little Man.