Last week, the boys and I camped in Moose Jaw at a little place called River Park Campground. I loved it. Could have stayed there for the rest of the summer!

We went up on Sunday afternoon. Lyndon rode his bike, and I pulled the trailer. It was my first time pulling the trailer, so I was a little nervous. All went well, though. We parked beside Lyndon’s mom and dad, who were also planning on staying for the week. Lyndon had to leave the next day for work, so it was just the boys and I.

Monday, Little Man had a visit with his mom. I did a little shopping in the morning, and spent the afternoon in the lawn chair. Our camp sites were on the bank of the river, where we could watch the kayaks and canoes, and birds. Into this peaceful setting came a bulldozer, so we were also treated to the experience of watching the demolition of a building which my mother-in-law remembers from when she camped in this same park with her family in the 40’s. (Back then, you could swim in the river. There was even a beach.) LM’s mom brought him back after supper, and we made plans to spend an afternoon together at the Crescent Park spray park the next afternoon, which we did, and which we all enjoyed. A friend from Gravelbourg drove up and joined us as well, so Tuesday was a fun, busy day.

The kids spent the rest of the week on their bikes, at the park, by the river … doing boy stuff. Little Man loved his stroller and we walked around the river several times. The lilacs were in full bloom, the baby robins were busy learning robin things, the weather was fabulous. It was really a wonderful week.

Lyndon got back Friday night. Saturday morning, we packed up and the boys and I headed home. Lyndon had to go back to Regina to work.

When the boys and I arrived home, we dropped the trailer off in the yard and headed into town for the annual Gravelbourg Summer Solstice Festival. Unfortunately, we had missed the children’s entertainment in the morning, but it was still a wonderful day. We spread out our blanket and enjoyed the atmosphere. The kids spent most of their time playing with other kids, and I visited friends and listened to some great music. It was almost 10:00 when we finally dragged ourselves away.

By yesterday (Sunday), though, I was starting to fade. We went to church in the morning, and then to Shamrock Park for a karate barbeque wind-up. I admit I was running out of steam by then. We spent the afternoon at the park, then came home and Tyson helped me load the water tank on the back of the truck. I ran for water, then ran back into town with the car for gas because today I need to take Little Man back to Moose Jaw for a visit. This will be his first overnight visit. A social worker will bring him back on Wednesday. So, I am feeling a little melancholy today.

No time for melancholiness, though, as I have the Christian Women’s Trail Ride this weekend, and Vacation Bible School in three weeks. I’m not ready yet for either of these events. So it will be a busy few weeks.

I kinda wish I was still camping!