My youngest son has the hardest time keeping track of his shoes. Mainly, because he takes them off whenever possible. He is a barefoot boy. Actually, I can relate.

The problem is that he is forever losing his shoes. For awhile I was purchasing new ones (cheap knock-off crocks, doncha know), but I decided I was going to stop doing that when I discovered that Carter had only four shoes left – one green shoe, one blue shoe, one orange shoe, and one black spiderman shoe.  So, here I am, laying down the law:

Mom: “Carter, this has got to stop. You MUST take care of your shoes. I am not going to buy you anymore shoes this summer. You will have to wear the ones you have.”

Carter: “Okay.”

Carter is presently wearing one green crock on his left foot, and a black spiderman crock on his right foot. No problem, Mom.

When we were in the park for the Summer Solstice Festival on Saturday, a friend brought his shoes to me, commenting that she recognized them as Carter’s when she saw them on the ground by the concession stand.

I am afraid that the lesson I was trying to teach him has gone over his head and instead the entire town now thinks I am too cheap to buy my kid decent shoes!