“We need to think outside the box.”

I hear this expression kicked around a lot these days, and I’ve been thinking about it. The whole “box” thing. What is the box that we are supposed to be thinking outside of? Is it institutionalism? Or, is this just a phrase that encourages us to get out of whatever rut we are in? Is it supposed to inspire creativity? Or, the next great idea about whatever it is we are trying to “market”?

Maybe trying to think outside the box is a good thing. But, I wonder, am I really just building a different box? Or, maybe, just trying to make the box I am in a little more attractive or comfortable or exciting?

I am wondering if Jesus actually called us to LIVE outside the box. And if he did, what does that really mean? What I have discovered is that the box is still there, and while I might be trying to live outside it, and even raise my children outside it, I keep bumping into it!