I guess that is what I have been on the past few weeks. We have been gone, camping mainly, for most of the summer, and internet access has been spotty at best. But here I am, in the laundry room of the Buffalo Lookout Campground, just off Highway #1, east of Regina, Saskatchewan. And the WiFi signal is coming in strong! So, as I wait for my clothes to tumble dry, I’ll try to update a bit.

No Staycation for this family! We have been on the road. Vacation all the way!

To begin with, the boys and I spent a few days at Mom and Dad’s in Airdrie. Actually, Tyson and I dropped the little boys off at Mom and Dad’s and we headed over to Red Deer to help with their Vacation Bible School. Six of their members (Preacher John and five teens) came to Gravelbourg to help with our VBS, so we were returning the favour. So, the little boys had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa (I think they had only been there an hour and they had already talked Grandpa into taking them to the swimming pool!) and Tyson and I enjoyed helping and visiting in Red Deer.

We arrived home from Alberta, spent about two hours catching up on mail and loading the trailer, and then we were off on the next adventure. The whole family, this time. Our destination was Tisdale (northern Saskatchewan) but we only got as far as Regina the first day. Lyndon was gung ho to try the Walmart camping experience, so we did. We stayed in the parking lot of the Southland Mall Walmart, and, I have to say, it wasn’t too bad. We did a little shopping for our trip and checked out the near-by Chapters for some book bargains. Several other trailers were staying the night as well, so I didn’t feel too weird. I was amazed at how dirty it was, though. There was garbage all over the place. That evening, while Lyndon and Tyson were outside on the grass setting up their new fishing rods, a man came by looking for money. The little boys and I were in the store so we missed this experience. Anyway, it sounds like they had quite a chat. The man insisted he needed money to buy food for his family, so Lyndon asked him about his kids… their names and ages… with the end result being a lighter wallet for Lyndon and an interesting experience for Tyson.

Anyway, after an uneventful night (other than the drive-by compliments of a noisy crowd of teenagers at about midnight), we continued our trek north. We arrived in Tisdale and found our campground, which was located on the edge of town beside the Tourist Information Centre. Out front was a large honey bee statue, and a huge picture of Brent Butt. Honey and Brent are Tisdale’s two claims to fame. The joke, of course, became: To get to our campground, just turn at Brent’s Butt. (Remember, I have three boys!)

Thus began the next part of our summer experience, which we will call Music Camp. Stay tuned.