In July, just before we left on holidays, we said goodbye to our Little Man. He was our first foster child. We had him for three months.

Yep, it was hard to leave him. I know his family was thrilled to death that he was coming home. His mom gave me a beautiful card. I gave her a hug, kissed my Little Man, and walked back to the car. A very strange experience.

I called Social Services a couple of weeks ago to let them know we were home and ready to accept children if needed. On Thursday, while I was browsing in the huge Michael’s store in Regina, I had a cell phone call asking if we would take a little girl. Carter and I picked her up that afternoon. It is amazing to me how these kids will just take the hand of a stranger and walk away.

Social Worker: This is the lady you will be staying with.

Child: Okay.

Child: Can we have a snack?

It’s crazy. But that’s how it goes. So, I took her little hand and brought her home.

Carter calls her Thumbelina. We still pray for our Little Man all the time.

Goodbye and hello.