Last Sunday, September 13, 2009, my middle son, Colton, was baptized. His older brother, Tyson, was baptized a few months ago. Such a sweet mom experience, to watch the new births of my sons.

Colton, of course, is very different from his older brother. Colton is funny, sweet… a bit of a clown. He is also very close to his dad, and he asked Lyndon if he would baptize him. It was beautiful, watching a father baptize his son. Such a precious memory for both of them, and for me. Colton’s big grin after was priceless.

Colton is twelve, the same age Jesus was when he got “lost” in Jerusalem. His parents found him in the temple, busy being “about his Father’s business”. That is my prayer for you in your life, Colton. That you will be lost in the service of your Father. Welcome to the Kingdom, Son!