I have had the opportunity to speak a couple of times lately about storytelling. Last Saturday, I spoke at a Ladies Day on the topic of Sharing Your Faith Story. It was so great to hear the sharing of women from all kinds of backgrounds as they told about their personal journeys. I loved it. I have come to understand that women do not talk easily or often about themselves. And so I appreciate the opportunities I have had lately to facilitate that. There are some amazing stories out there!

Yesterday, Carter and I headed into the Gravelbourg Elementary School to hear Simon Moccasin, a First Nation storyteller, share stories from his Cree heritage. We both enjoyed it. Carter got to participate in one of Simon’s stories, playing the role of a beaver. He did a great job, bowing over and over to the crowd’s applause when he was finished. So fun to watch.

Also, a few days ago a blogging aquaintance posted a Story in Ten Words or Less contest, inspired, of course, by the famous Hemmingway six-word story: Baby shoes for sale; never worn. It’s been interesting to read the different entries and to see how people try to condense a story idea into just a few words. You can check the entries out at johnshore.com if you are interested. He’s a fun read, no matter what.

In light of the above, I’ve been thinking lately about the power of the mundane. Truly, mundane-ness drives the world. The mundane is what cleans our dishes, washes our socks, and brushes our teeth. And yet, what I have heard from women lately, is that they feel like they really have nothing to share, that their lives are mundane, that other women’s stories are much more interesting than theirs. Not so! I have heard some amazing stuff lately, from women who have sometimes said that they have never shared their stories before.