Hey, I just saw that I received an Honourable Mention over on John Shore’s Story in Ten Words or Less contest. The winning entry was: Princess chose the dragon. Frankly, she knew him better. Pretty good, eh.

This was my entry: She lifted her suitcase, dropped the burning match, and left. Do you think my entry may have been inspired by the fact that I have been doing renos for what seems like forever as we try to get our place ready to list?

Yep, we are on the move again. Well, we are in the “preparing to move” phase of moving… again. We have decided to put our little acreage up for sale and, well, see what happens. The past month has been spent painting and fixing and generally sprucing up the place. My dad came and helped for a week, which was awesome and very much appreciated.

What will we do next, you ask? Truthfully, we have no clue. Well, we have a few clues but no real sense of direction at this point. So, we’ll just get the place ready, put it up for sale, and cross the “what should we do now?” bridge later.

ps. Mom had hip surgery a couple of days ago. She’s doing fine but did need a blood transfusion yesterday. Hope you are feeling better today, Mom!