Girls. They are different from boys. During the past month, two little foster girls have come into our home. Thumbelina has been here for a few weeks, and HM has been here for a few days. Since girls have graced our home, I have done some things I have never done before, such as:

browse the girl toy aisle in Walmart,

put ponies in a little girl’s hair for school,

rent the movie Barbie Diaries,

purchase matching Cinderella lunch kit and back pack,

call “time to go, boys… and girls”, and,

fold little pink things in the laundry.

Now, besides swords, Pokemon, and animal books, I am picking up hair bands, My Little Ponies, and naked barbie dolls. (Those girls just don’t seem to be able to keep their clothes on!)

As always, these precious little girls have very uncertain futures. As always, I’d keep them if I could. As always, we will just take things day by day.

As I told a sad little girl as I tucked her into bed on her first night in our home, “We are glad you are here and we will try our best to take good care of you.”