A few weeks ago, I wrote about how much I have been enjoying the addition of two little Pink Ones to our family. Since then, little HM has moved on. We only had her for a couple of weeks, but grew to love her in that short time. Thumbelina is still here, and we are enjoying her very much. She spent a rather interesting evening recently.

Last Saturday, I put her to bed at her usual time. Normally, she goes right to sleep and doesn’t stir until morning. Must have been a full moon, because when I went upstairs to put myself to bed a few hours later, the little monkey was nowhere to be found. Not in her bed, or my bed, or a boy’s bed, or under a bed?! I finally found her, hiding in her closet. I could tell by the look on her face that something was afoot. I tucked her back in bed, told her to STAY, and went to investigate. Yep, she’d been busy.

There was shaving cream all over the bathroom floor. There was barbie hair all over the bathroom floor. And, a beautiful, signed masterpiece was prominently displayed on the hallway wall. A pencil sketch, thankfully. It could have been worse!

The princess had a busy Sunday afternoon, cleaning up after herself!


In addition to joy, laughter, and shaving cream sculptures, one of my pinks brought something not quite as welcome into our home. After she had been with us for about ten days, I discovered lice in HM’s hair. It was bedtime on a Saturday night, and Lyndon (of course!) was away for the weekend. Poor HM literally freaked out. I was freaking out on the inside, but did a masterful job of taking charge and seeming like I was in control of things. I called the local pharmacist, who graciously agreed to meet me at his store and subsequently armed me with bottles of lice shampoo and some much needed words of encouragement. And thus commenced a busy few days of shampooing hair, combing hair, buzzing hair (only the boys!), and the washing of mountains of laundry. No one else in the house became host to the nasty critters, nor (as far as I know) did we spread the joy to any of our friends or neighbours. Whew!