March 2010

I just realized that we have been fostering for one year. We’ve had eight children join our family during the past year, for varying lengths of time. Currently, Thumbelina is our only “extra” child. I was thinking back over the unique experience fostering has been, and came up with the following top ten list of things the children have said over the past year. I could do a top 100 list, but you would all get bored and quit reading.

1. Little Man: Momma

2. HM: Why can’t I live with my mom? When can I go home? I’m so sad.

3. Thumbelina: Can I call you Mom?

4. HM: There are bugs in my hair!

5. Thumbelina: Can I stay here forever? Can I at least stay until my birthday?

6. M (as I picked up his cereal bowl): When’s lunch? Will we have a snack? When? What’s for supper?

7. Thumbelina: I will miss you when I go back to live with my mom.

8. Thumbelina: I love you like a balloon!

9. Squeak: My dad hits my mom.

10. Thumbelina: I am so tired of living in different places all the time.

It’s been a year of ups and downs, challenges, beauty, and grace. God bless all of these little ones.

If you are not acquainted with my Number Three, well, let’s just say he is an unusual, bizarre, interesting young man. Once or twice a week, he and I venture into town to run errands (and stop for a milkshake at Cafe Paris). Lately, Carter has been treating these little jaunts as assignments that he (spy boy) must undertake. Today, for example, we went into town to get the mail, pick up milk and water from the grocery store, and enjoy a slushee from the Snack Shack (Cafe Paris was closed).

As I pulled up in front of the Post Office, I asked Carter if he would run in and get the mail for me.

“Sure,” he said.

I then watched as he jumped out of the vehicle, ducked down, and then dashed from car to car down the block. Looking left and right, he then ran up the Post Office steps and darted inside. A few minutes later he reappeared. I watched as he flattened himself against the side of the building and waited till the old man with the cane hobbled up the stairs and went inside. When he was sure the coast was clear, he sprinted for the car, opened the door, and flung himself into the seat.

Whew. Mission accomplished. Phone bill safely delivered!