A few years ago, when my oldest son turned thirteen, his dad and he took a hunting trip together. It was a chance for them to spend some time together, and for Lyndon to have an opportunity to talk to Tyson about, well, growing up. Becoming a man. Kind of a coming-of-age experience to mark his transition out of childhood.

Colton, our second boy, turned thirteen in February. (Yes, I know that was many months ago, but we’ve been busy!) Colton’s first choice for a father/son trip was to hunt wild boar in Texas. Ya, right, buddy. Instead, Lyndon and he are tramping around Duck Mountain looking for a bear. You read that right. A BEAR. And guess what weapons they are carrying? Bows and arrows.

I am praying that my thirteen-year-old SURVIVES this little manhood experience. Anything else he might learn from it will be gravy.