I don’t listen to the radio a lot but if I am in the car between 10:00 and noon I’ll be tuned in to Q with host Jian Ghomeshi on CBC. I love this show. I have heard Jian interview a range of people, from Blondie to Peter Hitchens to Gloria Stienem and I’ve never heard him be anything but great. Even my kids like to listen to his show.

I think what I really like about Q is that Jian seems to do the research. He knows about the people he is interviewing. He asks thoughtful questions and he listens. He really seems to create a relationship with each guest.  And he’s been in some tough situations. Once he inadvertedly insulted Billy Bob Thornton who then refused to answer any questions, or answered them with nonsense replies. Jian was smooth and professional in what must have been an incredibly difficult situation.

Jian is like a cool Peter Gzowski. I used to listen to Peter’s show, Morningside, when I was about 25 years old, sitting in a cubicle in Yellowknife creating spreadsheets and writing boring computer programs. I remember hearing him interview an author once. I went to the bookstore that same day and ordered the book, Fishing with John, by Edith Iglauer. It was my introduction to the creative non-fiction genre which I have loved ever since.

I think I have a little crush on Jian Ghomeshi. A professional crush. I dream of one day writing an amazing novel that is published by a small press that produces hand bound books, winning the Giller, and being interviewed by Jian. Oh wait… That just happened, and it wasn’t me!

I say all this as an incredibly loooong and convoluted introduction to something I am very excited about. Randy Harris is coming to Regina in March to facilitate a seminar called Sacred Listening. I convinced my non-conference-attending husband that this would be something we should both take advantage of. (He said he will do ONE conference a year. I, on the other hand, am a conference junkie.) But anyway, don’t you love the title. Sacred Listening. I can’t wait. To listen.