I actually really like blogging. I like writing, and I like hearing  back from people who occassionally read what I write. You wouldn’t know it from my twelve measly posts last year, though. So, in 2011, I am resolving to be a better blogger.

I made a couple of other resolutions. I haven’t resolved anything in quite a while, and I’m amazed by how virtuous it felt, to decide to accomplish something this year. So, besides the blogging thing, my New Year’s Resolutions are:

– Try to be generally nice and hardly ever mean to my family. I recognized, after a little introspective thought, that I had, on several occassions, been a little bit mean to those I love. To my family and, even, my friends. And a couple of times I was mean to random people who were kind of mean to me. So, ya, be nicer as often as possible is one of my resolutions for 2011.

– Read through the Bible. I love the Bible. I love the ancient wisdom and the gritty truth and the poetry and the interwoven storyline. But I’ve never actually read through it, cover to cover. I’ve tried some of those reading plans in the past, but they jump around too much for me. So I found my large print, NIV, footnote-free copy of God’s word, and I opened it to Genesis, and I Just started reading. Love, love, love it. I already came across some gems. Did you know Eve wasn’t called Eve until after the sad encounter with the serpent. Prior to  that really bad decision she was simply called … woman. Not very politically correct, that’s for sure. Anyway. Reading the Bible. I’m enjoying it so far, but I have to admit I’m kind of dreading Leviticus.

– Eat healthy food. I’ve actually been working on this for a while, but I keep slipping. Ahh, the struggle.

– Get out of debt. This is one my husband and I are embarking on together. We’ve done the brutal evaluation of our current financial state and we have a budget and a debt-reduction plan. We would love to be debt-free  by the end of the year. Dave Ramsey has helped us out a bit with the whole thing. I’ll let you know how it goes.

– Finally, just … you know, love life. Sieze the day. Have an adventure. Enjoy good times with good people. Share. Care. Love.

God bless your 2011!