It is Valentine’s Day today.  But because it’s also Monday, my Valentine left at 4:30 this morning, as he does every Monday morning, to head off to work for the week. Boo.

Yes, we have one of those marriages. My husband is a power lineman on a transmission line crew. He travels throughout southern Saskatchewan each week maintaining transmission lines. For the most part he likes his job. He likes the people he does his job with. But it means that he is away from home a lot.

We get lots of questions about our situation. How can you handle it? Isn’t that hard on your marriage? What about your kids? And the short answers are: We have to so we make it work. Yes, but we make it work. We love them so we make it work.

That’s the bottom line in any relationship, isn’t it. You take what you have and you make it work.

Last week we had a rare treat. Lyndon was working on a line near us so he stayed at home for a few nights. I got to make him breakfast in the morning and he got to make me coffee. The boys and I drove out to the job site so that we could see him in action. It was terribly cold and windy, so much so that my camera froze up, but I did get a few pictures.

Here is my husband … at the office.

Brrr. This was the view when we drove in. Lyndon is in the air and the bucket was stuck. They were working on getting it down.

Coming down.

Carter and Dad.

Up in the bucket again.

Getting the job done. It’s still cold.

Lyndon is wearing orange. They were working with live line, which means they were wearing stainless steel garments and gloves. Not the warmest clothing.

Thanks for all your hard work and happy Valentine’s Day Honey! See you on the weekend.