Whatever. Combine that with a shoulder shrug and … there you have it, kid code for “I don’t know,” or “I don’t care.” Or maybe, “I don’t want to deal with what you are talking to me about.”

A young woman I know used the W word the other day. She has faced many challenges over the years, some things inconvenient and some things tragic. After yet again receiving bad news, she did a whatever. Complete with shoulder shrug. But I don’t think she was expressing an I don’t care, but rather a God, you’ve already done it with me so many times. I know you’ll do it with me this time, too. Her journey has provided her with the ability to say whatever to her God.

Faith. Experience. Thankfulness. Counting it all joy.

Submission. Surrender. Sacrifice.

Whatever. It doesn’t get much more faithful than that word.

Finances are uncertain? Whatever.

Life throws a curve? Whatever.

Friends are sick with cancer? Whatever.

Decisions need to be made? Whatever.

Relationships are challenging? Whatever.

Plans get changed? Whatever.

Today I am embracing my own whatever. Whatever, God. In you, in your will, through your grace … whatever.