Going on a bear hunt.

Yes, this is what my three oldest men are doing this weekend. Bear hunting in northern Saskatchewan. I hope they remembered to pack the mosquito spray.

The sons were already in the vehicle when I opened the front door to wave goodbye. Lyndon was just about to get in when he saw me. I know he told the boys to go and hug their mother, because they jumped out and ran up to say goodbye to me. Hugs, kisses on stubbly cheeks, admonishments of have fun and be careful.

Hmmm, I hadn’t thought about being careful, said one as they walked back to the vehicle. Ya I know, like we wouldn’t be, said the other. Funny boys; they knew I could still hear them.

Oh well, it is what moms do. I fear I will be doing it more and more over the next few years. Saying goodbye, I mean, and cautioning safety.

The years have shaped me. Enough tragedy and heartache along the way has taught me the certainty of uncertainty. Life really is as fragile as I had always heard but didn’t really believe when I was younger. Stuff happens.

So, have fun this weekend boys. Embrace the adventure. Experience it all. Drain every last drop of fun out of your time with your dad. And … be careful.

………. screech! (This is the brakes being applied to a well-planned, long-looked-forward-to weekend.)

About an hour after they left and shortly after I’d written the above — a phone call. The transmission in our little SUV was done. They were in Moose Jaw. Could I come get them? Hunting trip over. Oh, the sadness that dripped through the phone.

There you have it, folks. Life in a nutshell.

The certainty of uncertainty. It’ll kick you in the butt every time!