I was sitting in church yesterday morning and I was watching the families with young children and I thought, church would be better with snacks. I think we’d all have a better Sunday morning experience we could just sit beside grandmothers who had little containers of snacks in their purses. But not cheerios or boxes of raisins. Good snacks. Like chocolate covered almonds or something. And instead of sippy cups, little cups of chai tea, maybe. Mmmm.

So this is what I was thinking during the sermon, which was on prayer by the way. I can think about snacks and listen to the sermon at the same time. Actually, I am a mom which means I can think about snacks and find a pen in my purse for my son to draw with and remind myself to take bread out of the freezer when I get home and listen to the sermon at the same time. It was a good sermon. About prayer. And the kingdom of God. And that verse, Matthew 7:7, which says: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

It was a good sermon. But if there had been snacks, it would have been awesome.

A short post, I know. But there are a bunch of extra teenagers here (I love them!) and I have to make sure there are twenty bag lunches ready to go and our Vacation Bible School starts this morning and my husband has left for his week away at work, so …

Snacks. Think about it.