Would you laugh if I said that learning how to be simple-minded is one of my goals?

When we were away on holiday, a dear friend who just started reading my blog commented on my recent Simple Life post. The gist of her comment was that while I write about living a simple life, she sees my life as busy and … not so simple. And sometimes, she’s right. Life does dish up a full plate. It is inevitable that rural life with three boys and a husband that works away from home during the week will not always be a smell-the-roses kind of experience.

We have barely unpacked from our trip to B.C., but today I am packing up again for another road trip. The boys and I are driving to Weyburn where we will meet Lyndon. Hotel tonight, friend’s daughter’s wedding tomorrow, visiting with friends in the evening, staying over a second night in Weyburn and then heading to Regina on Sunday. Spending Sunday night in a hotel with Lyndon and then he is back to work on Monday. The boys and I head back home on Monday, stopping in Moose Jaw so that Honda can install some thingamajig in the Pilot to make the engine light go off.

Kinda crazy, I guess. But this way, Lyndon’s driving requirements on the weekend are reduced to only a couple of hours. We will get to see him more. We will have more time to visit friends. And we get to feel like we are still on holiday.

Even a weekend like this is about simplicity, though, I believe. Because how I think about the weekend makes a difference in how I experience the weekend. Simple-minded.

So, I’ll not think I need to go and buy something new to wear to the wedding. And if I don’t have time to buy a gift, I’ll be okay with just putting money in a card. I’ll look forward to the chance to see and visit old friends. I’ll enjoy the drive. I’ll pray for two beautiful young people who are starting a new life together.

I’ll polish the treasure.