Sunday morning. Potluck is made. Crockpot perogies and rice crispie cake. I’ve showered and dressed and, if you count scraping out the cake bowl, I’ve had breakfast. In a few minutes I’ll wake the boys and we’ll get ready. Dressed and brushed and cleaned, and we’ll go to church. It’s what we do. Our routine. But it’s the first time to meet with our church family here in over a month, and it feels a little strange. Like going back to school in the fall, or something.

This summer I’ve been wearing an ankle band. It’s one of those things you buy in bulk to give away to kids at camp or Sunday School. Mine is from our Vacation Bible School in July, and it says, Watch for God. I grabbed it from a pile of leftovers after the VBS was over, and I’ve been wearing it since. And all summer it has reminded me to watch. While we were on vacation, or visiting friends, or navigating shopping malls, I’ve tried to keep that thought in mind.

And I’ve seen him! I’ve seen him in the faces of relatives at a family reunion, and in mountain lakes, and in children’s play.

But on Sunday morning, in the rush and the routine and the looking for clean socks, I must remind myself. To not lose him in the midst of it all. So I pause, and reflect, and pray, and write a few words … and watch.

And it will be wonderful. Because HE is.