It is a request I often make. That of faithfulness. I beg for it, in fact. For myself, for my husband and my marriage, for my children.

Faithfulness. That part of the fruit of the spirit that is tucked in between goodness and gentleness.

And it occurs to me that this thing called faithfulness, this bit of spirit-life that I long for … it is a time thing. A journey thing. It is the cumulative benefit of a life lived by faith. It is steps, one after the other.

It is a wife who continues to live and pray and minister and trust, though her husband’s unfaithfulness has left her alone.

It is a mother who reads, again, the story that brings the giggle. And then reads it again.

It is a woman who prays for her co-workers, her boss, her clients. And then prays again.

It is laundry and dishes and meals and bandaids and hugs. And then … again.

It is a woman who shares her heart, her story, her journey with another needing encouragement.

It is prayer in the midst of the unknowing.

It is faith made active.

It is getting up each day and accepting that day’s mess.

It is getting up each day and accepting that day’s joy.

It is getting up each day.


Joining, today, with this community …