How to have fun while visiting friends in Saskatoon? Pile six boys and four adults into a van and head out on an adventure. A Tree Adventure, to be exact. First stop, the biggest tree in Saskatchewan. Just head toward Blaine Lake, and follow the signs. You can’t miss it. We were amused, in a Corner Gas kind of way, by the TREE signs. But sure enough, they got us to the biggest tree. Which the boys promptly climbed. And, as Colton discovered, going up was a lot easier than coming down. Hmmm.

On the way to our next stop, we pulled over to pick choke cherries. The bushes were loaded with them, and in a few minutes we had enough to make choke cherry syrup and cordial the next day. Which Barb says she is never, ever going to do again. She’ll buy her syrup at the farmer’s market, thank you very much, and never complain about the price again.

And then it was off to the Crooked Bush, a grove of aspen trees that grows in bizarre twists and turns. The cause of this phenomenon has been attributed to many fanciful things, including alien urination. I dunno. I think they just grew that way.

Such a fun day. And while the tree-themed places we visited were interesting, the best part of the adventure was sharing it with friends. Friendship. What a wonderful, blessings-full, encouragement-full thing it is. I couldn’t live without it.