We spent some time in Saskatoon recently, visiting friends and having adventures. While we were there, we did a couple of geocaches. Very fun.

Our friend Dave is the guy to geocache with. He’s got the stuff, he’s spent time on the website, and he’s done enough of them to know what it’s all about. Which is a good thing because I don’t think I could find my way across the street with a GPS. Or out of a wet paper bag. Or my head, if I’d lost it. Or …

The first geocache we tried was a night site. The boys loved it. Using the coordinates provided by the website, you get yourself to a certain spot. In our case it was in a park. From that spot, you shine a flashlight around the area until you catch a reflector (maybe in a tree or on a fence post) and then you move to that location. Continue shining and moving until you find the last reflector, which is likely a different colour. Then, using a clue given on the website, you find the cache. Inside will be a log book where you record your name and when you found it. Then tuck it back into it’s hiding place for the next geocachers to find.

We found another cache the next day while we were exploring the Crooked Bush. Check it out here!

I don’t think we’ll become serious geocachers, but it was a lot of fun to do it with friends. A game of hide and seek that the whole family can enjoy!