It is the tiny things, often, that make the difference. The please, the smile, the catching of an eye in a busy room. It takes little for me to reach out and place a hand on a shoulder, to look into the eyes of the child speaking, to whisper an I love you. The difference a small kindness makes, though … I think I can feel it. The air changes, lightens. The atmosphere changes, lifts.

A kindness, caught and observed, is beautiful. To watch a kindness in action, love acted out in a small way, is like watching Jesus. The photographs of such Jesus moments are preserved in my heart’s album. Precious.

It is the tiny things, often, that make the difference. The harsh word, the forgotten promise, the brushing away. I am sorry, I want to say to the world. To my family. I am sorry for the mountain of tiny unkindnesses that are piled around my feet. For the selfishness, the insecurity, the thoughtlessness.

Our Year of Kindness, today, will be about the tiny things. The small acts, the words, the touches. Being polite, being considerate. Thinking of the other before the self. The little bits of love that are passed on in only seconds. The small connections forged by the simplest bond. The bond of kindness.

My heart will be taking pictures.


The draw for the book Stained Glass Hearts by Patsy Clairmont went to Karisa. Karisa wrote, I’m always ready to read a new book, and this one sounds like a contemplative selection for those quiet winter evenings. I don’t know if I can pinpoint one favorite for myself…I have too many to pare it down! One book I just finished and would recommend is a fiction book called Composing Amelia by Alison Strobel. It deals with mental health issues, and how do we know if we are following God’s “Plan” for our lives. Sounds like a great book, Karisa.

Thanks to all who participated, and for your comments. Giving stuff away is fun! I’ll do it again soon.