This weekend, some friends and I are leading a workshop on women, story, and God. Last week I started an online Bible study with the gang at, on 1 John. It has been a great encouragement as I am doing final preparations for the workshop. I am amazed, as always, by the way God puts things together in my life.

John and God have been impressing on my heart the beauty and importance of our walk. Our journey. Our … story!

John begins his letter with such joy and encouragement. He is offering himself to his readers. I’ve seen Him, heard Him, touched Him, he says. I’ve experienced something I want to share with you. And then he tells his readers why. He is proclaiming this Jesus, the eternal life, the word, so that they can all have fellowship together, which is joy-completing for John.

Nothing would make John happier that for his readers to know, through his experiences, the Jesus he loves.

And the message?

The message is that God is light.

And the encouragement?

The encouragement is to walk in the light. Because the walking – the honest, authentic journey – is what keeps us in fellowship.

This is great encouragement for me as I look toward helping women share their stories, their walks, with each other this weekend. May we find fellowship, and may our joy be complete!


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