Our ladies class began last night. As an aside, I think ladies class is the wrong name for our group of bible studying women. I think it should be called, Women of God Adventuring Through The Living Word Together class. But, whatever. Call us what you will, we began our study last night. We are working through the Beth Moore study on the book of Esther. Subtitle: It’s tough being a woman.

Ever since I read the book Christie when I was a young girl, I have loved the book of Esther. It was the original princess story. I’m surprised Disney hasn’t made a movie about her. All our little girls could be wearing backpacks with her picture on them to school. But that would be the sanitized, musical, Sunday School version of this wrenching, tragic, complicated book.

The introduction Beth gave last night was compelling enough. The Jews have been taken into captivity in Babylon. Babylon has been conquered by Persia, and Cyrus, the ruler has allowed the Jews to return to Jerusalem. Some Jews choose to stay, though, and it is in this setting that God places the story of Esther. In a foreign land among Jews who are not longing for home. Ah, now this is different. I can’t wait to get into the meat of it. The whole megillah. Or, as Queen sings it, I want it all!

note: Megillah is the Jewish word for the book of Esther. The Jews read this book in synagogue so often, scroll pin to scroll pin, that it became commonplace to use the expression the whole megillah to refer to something painstakingly complete. As in, after a 10 minute description of the deer that my husband was stalking which subsequently got away because the wind changed and the lucky deer caught his scent and then he chased if for over an hour through the bush … I might say, You didn’t have to give me the whole megillah!