Sometimes I get overwhelmed. Lately, it seems, overwhelmed is my natural state. I have been behind for so long it feels normal. Almost. Well, no it doesn’t. It feels … behind.

This is the week of addressing my overwhelmedness. (My spell check tagged overwhelmedness, but I think it’s a good word, so I’m ignoring the red squiggly line.)

Today, specifically, I’m overwhelmed by Monday. The day after the weekend. I’m usually a Monday kind of girl. I like the new beginning, the fresh start. But, when the weekend has been busy, and the week before the weekend was busy, and the weekend before the week before the weekend that was busy was also busy, well, you get the picture.

But if I’m completely honest here, which I try to be, the real problem is that I know there was also a lot of wasted time in there. I had things I could have done that I just didn’t want to do. So I didn’t. I procrastinated, and delayed, and ignored … until I reached this morning. This Monday morning arrived, not fresh and new but with all these things staring me in the face saying, why didn’t you do me earlier when you had the time? Silly girl, if you’d only taken a few minutes here and there, you wouldn’t be facing this new week with all of these leftover things to finish!

Procrastination, I’ve decided, is like accumulating debt. And having to finally finish the things that were left undone is like paying off that debt. Stealing from the present to pay for the past. It’s not fun whether the debt is credit card debt or time debt.

So today is officially declared Dealing With Procrastination Debt Day. The list is made, beginning with The Laundry and progressing through the many other chores that have been begging me for my time and my attention.

Actually, I think I’ll add to the top of my list a few minutes in the Word, a little prayer, and some self forgiveness.

Then, I’ll do the laundry.