Life has been a little overwhelming lately. Yesterday, I wrote about paying down my procrastination debt. Still working on that. But today, while continuing to check things off that To Do list, I am considering sisterhood. Sometimes, to be honest, I feel a little overwhelmed by them. The sisterhood, I mean.

What do I mean?

What is sisterhood? And is it something to strive for or not?

Sisterhood, I think, is that magical community that forms when women share their lives with each other. Really share their lives, I mean. When, in a graceful atmosphere of love and caring, women step out from behind the walls and allow themselves to be vulnerable.

You know the walls I mean. I started building mine a long time ago, back when I realized that friends sometimes talked about me behind my back. Back when I discovered that I was often judged based on how I looked, or what I wore, or where I lived. Back when my heart was broken, not by a man but a woman – a friend who betrayed the friendship. Hurt piled on hurt until I had a lovely wall to hide myself behind. And I painted it with humour and education and lots of trying hard.

Jesus, though, knew better. And he brought sisters into my life to help me redecorate. So now I hope to own and wear the things that I used to hide behind. These things that I used to hold out as a shield to protect me from the scary closeness of true friendship are becoming the things that draw me into relationships. He loves to do that. To use what was weakness for his glory!

I am blessed beyond words to be part of a wee ministry called Washed in the Word. Last night, my WW friends and I spent a few hours with a wonderful group of women in a neighbouring town. They were strangers to me when we began the evening, but as we talked and shared, a wonderful thing happened.

That magical, unexplainable thing called sisterhood happened. And some walls came down. And some redecorating was begun.