I’ve never understood the expression “running with the bulls”. I mean, when I see this event depicted in a movie, it looks to me like they are running away from the bulls. Like, running for their lives!

Today I am running. I am packing up my boys and heading to Regina, to see the Titanic exhibit at the Science Centre. We’ll do a few other things there, and then travel to Moose Jaw where we will meet up with Lyndon for the night. I love when it works out that we are in the same city as him during the week and can spend a night at one of the many hotels that have become second homes to us.

So … spend the night in Moose Jaw and then, tomorrow morning, get the oil changed at the Honda dealership there. (Have I said lately how much I love my Pilot? I do. It is the hands down best vehicle I’ve ever owned. Love, love, love it!)

We’ll make our way home, then, so that the kids can go to youth group tomorrow night, and I can babysit for the youth group leader. And Lyndon will be home sometime tomorrow night, and then into the weekend we go, ready or not. More not, I’m afraid.

Yes, I feel lately, in my overwhelmedness, like I am running like mad in order to keep from being trampled. I don’t always feel like this, and I definitely don’t want this to be my normal state. I don’t want to race through my life, only one step ahead of the bulls nipping at my heels. I don’t want to always feel the hot breath of urgency on my back as I strain to outrun the challenges of my life, fearful always of the prick of angry horns.

And the crazy thing is, most of those bulls at my back were hand-picked by me. Chosen, either deliberately or through neglect of some sort. I invented them, and now I am running from them!

This morning, instead, I’m calling a halt. I’m sitting those bulls down and we are having a little talk.

Bulls, you have to work with me instead of against me. We don’t have to be enemies. Together we can get this thing done. Bulls, can you smell the roses with my boys and me for the next couple of days? We don’t want to miss out on these experiences that are coming up. We don’t want them spoiled by urgency. So, sweet bulls, if you can just give me a break, I promise to spend some quality time with each of you over the next little while.

I don’t know. Do you  think it will work?

If you are running from the bulls today, know that I am right there with you in prayer and understanding!