Breath by breath. Mixed with the very air that gives me life. Grace.

It is the understanding smile when I am late. It is the concern of a friend when I am absent. It is the offering of a song by a heart-friend who understands. It is the I’m praying for you, and the encouraging facebook message, and the comments left by beautiful souls who here read these words. It is the text message, and the blogger with whom I can relate, and the words of the book that resonate deep in my spirit.

I breathe it in. Life-giving grace.

And I breathe it out. Offering …

a smile to the frustrated mother in the store

a thank-you for a service offered

a continue please nod to the boy explaining endlessly his point of view on the subject of marvel comic superheroes

an accepting spirit in the waiting for an oil change

a curbing of the shushing in the boy-noisy vehicle

and thankfulness for all of the above and for the one whose name is Grace, for it is only in Him that I can live. His grace is enough.

My grace is enough; it’s all you need. 

2 Corinthians 12:9