Sunday afternoons are one of my favourite times of the week. We try to keep them as obligation-free as possible. For the sabbathing that we need. The down time. Rest. Space.

Yesterday was perfect. Church in the morning (after the boys checked their traps … one muskrat, first one of the season!) and an easy lunch (warmed leftover soup and biscuits) and then a glorious nap. Well, I napped. The boys were busy raking and transporting leaves from the yard area to the I-don’t-care-what-this-looks-like area. And of course it was accomplished in their unique way. Involving quads and trailers and their own version of the ball room at the McDonalds play place. No simple raking and bagging at this house. No sir. That would be too … normal.

And for supper I made pizza. They all love my homemade pizza, so I make it often on Sunday evenings. It is a yeasty, yummy, homey-smelling gift I can give, but without all the work of, say, making bread. So, yesterday we had pizza for supper. Ham and cheese.

I actually really enjoy the pizza-making process. Mixing and kneading the dough, and setting it on the open oven door for a little heat, covered by its own dish cloth blankie to keep it warm while it rises. Dividing it into two loaves and stretching them out to cover greased-shiny pans. I love how the dough resists the stretching at first, but if it rests for a minute then it submits to the stretching again. Dough sabbath. Rest and stretch. And I love how my fingerprints mark the dough skin, dimpled by its submission.

And then the covering. The sauce and the ham and the cheese. Simple, uncomplicated attire for a humble meal. But so delicious and fragrant and appealing.

Rest, play, and food. The perfect Sunday afternoon combination. And a prayer for blessings on the week ahead, as we taste and see that the Lord is good. (Psalm 34:8)


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