Lyndon has an aunt (her name is Vivian), who is an amazing cook. She’s the kind of cook who always has something, orange cookies or sugar cookies or yummy squares of some kind, in the freezer. Just in case.

Lyndon grew up with Viv and her husband Shelby and the cousins. They went to church together, had potlucks and Christmas parties and other gatherings over the years. But he couldn’t remember ever really sitting down and having a good visit with her. Until this summer. Isn’t it funny how that is? How you can know someone forever, but not really.

This summer there was a family reunion. Lyndon’s family. And everyone was supposed to bring goodies to help out with the eating part of the reunioning. So Aunt Viv brought some of her cookies and some squares. And she packaged them, wrapped in plastic wrap and tucked into used cereal boxes, and in tupperware containers, and in a very cool, old, green, ice cream pail. Granny’s ice cream, from a dairy that used to be in Regina. Very cool.

So Lyndon and I were sitting with her, visiting, and I went on and on about how cool I thought the old green ice cream pail was, and how I had an old purple ice cream pail that I’d found in an abandoned house once, but it didn’t have a lid. So I’d washed it out and now it sits on top of my kitchen cabinets. But how cool, I said, that you still use this old green one.

Yes, it’s held lots of goodies over the years, said Aunt Viv.

And then she gave it to me. And of course I was embarrassed and I felt silly and bad for how I’d gone on and on about it, until she felt like she had to offer it to me. But she insisted, and she said she had lots of containers at home, and if I liked it that much I should take it. And she even put leftover cake in it for me.

So now I have the green ice cream pail. And when I make cookies I put them in there and pop them into the freezer. Just like Aunt Viv.

And it makes me feel good, connected. I love that I am using something in the same way that she used it. Very cool.