Destiny. One of the overarching themes in the book of Esther. Call it living in God’s will, or knowing your purpose, or living out your calling. Those are churchier ways of saying it. But destiny is what those things are, really.

And we all have it. A destiny. We are each destined for something in this world. This is one of the things Esther taught me with her story. Another thing I learned, though, was that God will only fulfill my destiny with my cooperation. In other words, I could miss it. He will accomplish his purpose with or without me. But my purpose, well, I have to participate in that.

If I had a great fear, this would be it. To miss it.

This is what makes me brave when my knees tremble. This is what makes me seek forgiveness when I’d rather throw up my hands and walk away. This is what sends me, time and again, back to his word, back to my knees, back to him. Not perfectly, no. Not out of my own perfection, or my own ability, or my own desire. But out of a desire to be his. To walk in him. To hope, beyond all human hope, to have his will fulfilled in me.

I don’t know the whole plan. I don’t know if I’m always doing it right. There’s always uncertainty. There is confusion and darkness and sometimes fear. But there is also great joy. And excitement. And the wonder of what is around the corner!

It can be great fun to live a life abandoned to him. Placed in his hands. Carried. What a ride!

Esther’s story is one of surrender to destiny. Surrender. I think that’s the first step.

God rewrote the text of my life when I opened the book of my heart to his eyes.

Psalm 18:24 (the message)